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When I trained as a midwife many years ago I was absolutely enthralled by the miracle, the power and the beauty of birth.


On a personal level, giving birth to my own four children was a most inspiring experience for me as a woman. It felt as if I was doing what I was born to do. I had such a sense of achievement and I look back on these births as real highlights in my life. This brought about a strong desire in me to see other women experience birth in this way.


As a midwife I have had the opportunity to share birth experiences with many couples, and always count it a great privilege to be apart of this most sacred and intimate event in their lives.


Having a good birth experience is about knowing your options, making good choices and being well prepared. In my role as a doula I seek to assist you with this and would be honored to be a part of your "birthing team".


My hope is that you will look back on your child's birth knowing you took part in a miracle and that you did well. I would like for your baby to come into the world gently, and that he or she would  meet you in an unhurried and peaceful way.


Being a part of this will be a great joy and privilege for me.


  • An initial interview

  • An antenatal visit, where I would assist you in developing a birth plan.

  • One hospital visit.


If you need more assistance with breastfeeding this can be arranged.

  • My presence at the labour and birth until at least an hour afterwards to assist with initiating the breastfeeding relationship.

  • One home visit in the first two weeks of being home with your baby.



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