Hi my name is Robyn Petersen.

One day I was very sick and did not know what was wrong with me, so my boyfriend told me I should go to the Provincial Clinic to find out what’s wrong. On July about the 18th there around I went to clinic that day opening a booklet, then the sister told me I was pregnant.

I was shocked to find out I was three months pregnant already. I went home and told my boyfriend and immediately wanted an abortion seeing that my parents are pastors. He said no and that he wanted this baby and that if I abort this baby he’ll leave me for good. So I decided to keep the baby, but did not know how to tell my parents seeing that they just let me back home.

Weeks went by, and I decided to let them know, I first told my mother, she was quite excited to become a granny. But anyways she put me back on her medical aid book a lot of appointments and told me I was going to have a doula with me in the labor room. Me not knowing what a Doula is and thinking what this persons purpose.

I had a few sessions with my Doula, Colleen Pedersen, but all that was going through my mind was my mother is wasting her money.

I stayed in contact with Colleen to please my mother but I did not see any use to why I had to do it but I did. Few days before it was my due date I went to my gynaecologist. He told me my baby is laying in a very difficult position so there’s a 50/50 chance that I’m going to have a Caesar section.

I was nervous and scared I told Colleen to keep her updated with what the Dr said. She gave me a few exercises to do.

My water never broke on my due date so I had to phone my doctors office to let them know and they booked me for the Friday morning at 4:00 in the morning for an induction. So yes it’s the 21 of April and I’m so nervous and scared there’s so much going through my mind, I do not even know if I’m going to come out of it alive. I was given a room to stay in up until the arrival of my baby girl. Colleen was there too. She asked me to continue with the exercises she has given me, and so I did and did some bouncing on a ball, squats and walking to quicken the birth process.

Everytime I had contractions Colleen was there helping and reminding me to breathe. She gave me massages, helping me to stay calm lighting aroma candle, heating bean bags to keep me warm and putting it on areas that’s paining, reminding me to eat even if it’s small portions cause giving birth is a tiring thing, telling me which positions I can lay in to lessen the pain. What I really loved about her was she made a playlist of my favourite gospel songs cause I really love music it’s one thing that helps me relax and feel like I’m in my comfort zone.


So here I am pushing, screaming and crying like never before and every step along the way there Colleen was whispering sweet words in my ear, keeping me in a positive state of mind, and handing me cooldrink and chocolates.

So here my baby girl is born I had a normal birth - my doctor was super surprised. Colleen is a real natural at what she does. She is really the best I would recommend anyone to hire her services. I saw at the end of all of this her purpose and I would never regret having her there with me in the labour room.