Just a few weeks prior to giving birth at Provincial Hospital, I was very nervous and scared as I am not a lover of hospitals and don't normally deal well with pain. I avoid hospitals at all cost!!


When I arrived at the hospital,  Colleen was there and she spoke to me, reminding me to breath in and out with every contraction. When I told her all the pain was in my back, with each contraction, she pushed on my back to relieve me of some of the pain.


Colleen made sure that I ate and drank during my contractions so that I could keep my energy levels up. She had lit candles in the room and got hold of a fan to blow on me, which helped a great deal in relaxing me.


Once my membranes ruptured, she got hold of the nurse and then walked me to the delivery room. She tried very hard to ensure that I was comfortable at all times.


When it was time to push, Colleen reminded me how to push,  whereas the nurses said absolutely nothing.  To make me more comfortable,  when I was pushing,  she got behind me and allowed me to rest on her so that I was in more of an upright position to be more comfortable. 


Once my baby arrived, she was put on my chest and I held her for the first time. Colleen was there every step of the way. She kept me motivated all the time and told me exactly what was happening and what certain things meant.


I had a beautiful birthing experience and I am so grateful for having Colleen with me. Having her there minimised my fear and I was calm and comfortable.